By Laura E. Coulter

How did I become a healer? I am an empath, which means I process and acknowledge things that are happening in others, often with my own body. As a child this created a large stir. I grew up in a typical household in the 1950’s, two parents, four children and lots of extended family. The days were filled with unanswered questions and lots of drama. It was often loud and confusing for my empathic nature. I was told that I was too sensitive; I needed to grow thicker skin. School became a series of difficult classes coupled with bullying. I had mastered the art of knowing what the emotional feeling of the class or household was before I walked into it by the time I was ten. I knew about the pop test or if my mom was in a good mood before I walked into the door. I often asked how I knew what my parents were thinking. I didn’t understand then, but I understand now. This is the skill of an empath.

I was often sick as a child; plagued with bronchitis, measles, mumps, chicken pox, & reubella, which often put me in bed for weeks at time. I know now that this is a direct result of the sensory overload that comes with being an empath stemming from the inability to create boundaries. I went on to graduate college with A.S in Medical Lab Technology and a B.S. in elementary ed with a special education minor. I got married, gave birth to three children and moved forward with a very busy life.

My family had studied at a local martial arts school during that 1990’s. I learned many katas (forms), worked very hard and I was able to learn tai chi as well. I began to see and feel energy. Later, I was in a car accident in 1999. I tore a rotator cuff, broke a foot, had lower and upper vertebra whiplash and head trauma, all of which led to lots of pain. I could remember my tai chi form but couldn’t read, do math, sequence anything or sleep without discomfort. Welcome to a healing crisis.

Through many weeks of chiropractic care, acupuncture and physical therapy I began to make sense of the world. Instead of pain medications I would spend hours in wu chi stances. In September of that year, I went to Healing school. I took a major leap of faith. This consisted of weekend classes with Barbara Brennan and finally going to California to study with Gordon and Victoria Merkel. I had never flown before, was still unable to recover my reading abilities, but boarded the flight anyway. The next two years I would spend a week in California and six weeks at home in Massachusetts. Robert Jaffee, Barbara Brennan, and Canada’s First Nation Shamanic Work became part of my knowledge. These were the grand parents of my school.

I studied chakras and the position of them on the body; their emotional content, and their energetic characterology. I learned to map and unstick frozen energy leading to inner child rescue. I understood the importance of energetic dialog and past life patterns. All this means I can help my client show up for themselves and free the stuck energy. This creates health and tranquility within the physical body and its various systems.

Since that time, I have studied with many masters and learned many techniques through the use of crystals, flower essences and essential oils. My clients have found insight into their lives and symptoms have disappeared.

It is my joy to assist another to care for themselves. I can go in and access DNA and cellular structure to release held emotions. I do not do the work: my team of guides talk to the guides of my clients. I bring that information to the client so that they can do the work by releasing and shifting their body with my guidance. My education plus the assistance of the divine allows the energy to grow. This results in the body and the mind to figure out the lesson and to move forward with a newfound openness. I am both the facilitator and the teacher.

The client is the brilliant person who chooses to be guided, and fearlessly steps forward into a new way of life, a new way to think and a new mode of being. By taking a first step things begin to shift. At first what seems to have taken forever now becomes instant transformation. Each person has their own individual journey and it takes the length of time that it needs to take for them.

I am in awe of each and every one of my students and clients that I have seen and how their trauma has been healed, their body strengthened and lives have been changed.

The biggest trauma from today’s war in Afghanistan and Iraq is closed head injury caused by explosive devices and rocket grenades. Dr. Chikly, from Upledger, says “they are called the signature of war”. If shrapnel is involved there is also infection. “Using the techniques we follow a protocol that allows us to alleviate a lot of the symptoms-often within one to 3 sessions. It starts with releasing the autonomic nervous system disorders (fear).” (Taken from the Upledger presentation at U.S. Army Medical Center, 2007)

I am a Marine Mom and understand all too well the complexities of the military life, deployment and family stress of those left at home.

I have taught early childhood since 2005, making for over forty years of experience in education. As a visual learner I know what it’s like to have to switch gears to succeed in school. I have assisted many sensitive kids and their families and I am open to new experiences.

In summary I want to share that it is my client who changes which brings me joy and the fortitude to move forward in this work. I continue on my journey, continue to assess myself and how I function in this world. Yes, I am trauma informed and have an understanding of Traumatic Brain Injury.

The mechanics of healing sessions: you will fill out an intake form, have a conversation about why you are here, be asked to take off your shoes and jewelry and turn off your phone.

I am willing and look forward to meeting you on your journey. Are you willing to step in and meet yourself?

“A healer’s main focus is holistic – to help patients create health in all areas of life. They do this by clearing and balancing the patient’s energy, by working to align his or her intent to heal, and by helping him or her connect to the deeper core of his or her being. Many healers work completely intuitively, allowing their hands to move freely.

Many patients wish to continue the healing process long after the original complaint is gone because what they settled for as “health” is simply no longer acceptable.”

– Barbara Brennan, Light Emerging, 1993.