About Laura

Laura’s abilities to see and work with energy began in martial arts. Her hunger for knowledge propelled her to attend the School of Advanced Healing in San Diego, California, where she graduated with a certificate in Energy Medicine.  She uses techniques including hands-on healing, past life regression, soul retrieval, inner child rescue, energetic dialogue, crystals and sound therapy.

Her training in myofascial release and cranial sacral therapy round out her skills as a healer and allows for the integration of western medicine and eastern philosophy.

Laura’s love of Shoalin Kempo Karate, in which she achieved the rank of brown belt, led to her certification in the Inner Chi Form of Tai Chi, Taoist Yoga, Qi Gong and meditation. She has been teaching these systems, specializing in the mature student (35-90 years of age), since 1997, building body awareness, fitness and self-esteem. Studying with Master John Fritz, Ninth Dan, Laura fostered growth in Tai Chi. It was through this positive influence that Laura became ordained as a pastor in the Alliance of Divine Love.

Laura is an ordained minister with the ADL Chapel, #786.  She officiates in baptisms, weddings and healings as part of her ministry.

Laura is the oldest of 4; mother of 3, one an inactive marine; grandmother of 2; and the owner of 1 cat, Angel. She currently lives in the Boston area.


  • A.S. Degree Medical Laboratory Technology, Middlesex Community College, Bedford, Massachusetts
  • B.S. Elementary Ed., Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Ordination as Minister for the Alliance of Divine Love, Florida
  • Certification in Energetic Healing, School of Advanced Healing, Rancho Sante Fe, California, under Victoria and Gordon Merkel
  • Advanced training in the Villari’s Martial Arts system with Master John Fritz and Master Jay Van Shelt
  • Energetic healing with Sharon Boorgaard, New Hampshire
  • Sound Healing: Accutonics, Crystal Singing Bowls, and Biosonic Tuning Forks
  • Crystal work: Rumi Da, Vogel Crystals
  • Crystal energetics and Arcing Radial Light with Vicki Penninger, North Carolina
  • PT Connection, Marcia Hood, PT, Massachusetts, Cranial sacral and myofascial release techniques (2004-05) at Upledger Institute

Professional Memberships

  • California Yoga Teachers Association
  • Alliance of Diving Love
  • International Association of Healthcare Practitioners

Laura’s cat, Angel